Georgina Brown’s talk on speech technology

Hi all!

LingSoc Presents: Speed Dating, Forensics and Sacking Linguists: A whistle-stop tour of Speech Technology

May 5th, V/045, 18:30

Department of Language & Linguistic Science, University of York‘s Master’s student, Georgina Brown, is presenting a talk on her research in Speech Technology.

Speech technology research finds itself targeting many applications, from Siri and Google Voice Search to Sat-Navs and communication aids. General speech technology usage is on the rise, and research efforts follow in response.

This talk presents an overview of the rapidly growing field, while also homing in on the inner workings of an automatic tool developed at York for the forensic application: the Y-ACCDIST system (the York ACCDIST-based automatic accent recognition system). By combining methods in speech technology with the practices of forensic speech science, Y-ACCDIST offers an innovative methodology for forensic casework. Given a speech recording, Y-ACCDIST aims to identify the accent of the speaker, which might assist in some investigative tasks.

Taking a look under the hood, we will see how Y-ACCDIST works and suggest what steps it should take next. As a by-product, this talk hopes to highlight that linguists have valuable insights to offer speech technology, and that there is every reason to give it a go.

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