LingSoc Presents: Professor Paul Baker: On the Representation of Muslims in British Media: A Sociolinguistic Approach

Professor Paul Baker is a professor of English Language and Linguistics at the University of Lancaster. His research interests are sociolinguistic, focusing on the representation of specific groups of society who are often stigmatised.

In this talk, Paul will be discussing how the representation of Muslims in the British media has developed from 1998 – 2009. Following this, an analysis of the two most frequent collocate pairs: ‘Muslim world’ and ‘Muslim community’ showed that they were used to collectivize Muslims, both emphasizing their sameness to each other and their difference to ‘The West’. His talk will discuss the implications of such an phenomenon, both on how it influences our lexicon, and how the media are able to legitimise their use of such terms.

The talk will have a short Q&A with Professor Baker and a drinks reception. It is sure to be an interesting event so please come down!

Cost will be £2 to members of LingSoc (and participating societies) and £3 to non-members.

Paul is renowned as an incredibly engaging and fascinating public speaker. We recommend arriving early to ensure a place. We are sure that this will be a fantastic event. More information can be found here.


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