The Linguistics Society (Ling Soc), is a society for the linguistically inclined. Throughout the year we put on events from dicussions to games focused around (usually) linguistics. Ling Soc is a great way to get to know your coursemates, or just to enjoy some language orientated fun. Additionally, we aim to get guest speakers on campus to lecture us on interesting topics.

Ling Soc don’t take a prescriptive approach, our society is open to anyone with an interest in linguistics, and all who want to enjoy our socials. Come join our events!

I didn’t choose the wug life, the wug life chose me

– Anon.

Your current committee are:

President: Huw James
Secretary: Francesca Duchi
Treasurer: Hannah Benzies
Social Secretaries: Laura Curtis and Chloe Richards
Publicity & Merch Officers: Dom SternEmma-Louise Downe and Marise Botes

We usually meet on Thursdays 18:00 – 19:30 at Vanbrugh JCR –

To be sure check out our facebook page for information on the latest events

Want to get involved, suggest something we could do? Pop us a line:


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